What did Europe do when the defenseless Albanians were shot and shot?

Isuf B. Bajrami

It has not been seen or heard that in a European country violence and terror are used, weapons are used and blood is shed against people who fight for national rights, education in the mother tongue. This only happens in countries with Slavic-Orthodox orientation; Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Greece, in these Balkan countries known for their savagery and barbarism.

This aggression against the Albanians in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Greece is at the same time an aggression against Albania and Kosovo, which were among the first to recognize the Republic of Macedonia after its “secession” from the former Titoist Yugoslavia. Montenegro and Greece. This policy pursued by the ruling circles is a short-sighted policy, with no future, a policy that is to the detriment of their own interests. But it should be known that the very existence of these states as a state is extremely endangered, trampling on an autochthonous people, who have their own language and customs, culture and traditions. It is impossible to subjugate and oppress the oldest people in the Balkans, such as the Albanian people!

Many European countries with developed “democracies”, with economic and scientific potential, with an ancient culture, have made and are making continuous efforts for the further emancipation of society, for ensuring the equality of people before the law, for the affirmation and protection of of the Rights and Freedoms of their citizens. This of course has not been achieved without effort and effort, without wars and social matches, without contradictions. And today we are talking about a civilized and emancipated Europe, about countries with developed democracies. These are significant achievements that we support and salute, they are victories that Europe fanatically tries to preserve, develop and deepen further.

And yet we see clearly how this “democratic” and civilized Europe remains indifferent to the fate of our people, where these rights are violated, where equality before the law is lacking, where the freedom and independence of the individual is violated, where violence and terror are exercised against the innocent Albanian population. The hypocrisy of the European ruling circles towards the fate and future of our people is seen more and more clearly. They are silent and become indicted for the displacements from Sandzak and Toplica, when blood flows like a river in the villages of Medvedja, Bujanovac, Presevo, Karadak of Skopje and Tetovo, all the way to Chameria. When hundreds of thousands of Albanians are killed, persecuted and tortured from their homes, when an unprecedented ethnocide and genocide is exercised – systematically against the Albanian people.

Towards the years-long war in the center of the Balkans, where tens of thousands of people have been exterminated, they have remained indifferent, not to mention incited it to reap its own benefits. Only if the Albanians with their just and liberating war will know not only to resist, but also to emerge victorious, then the “civilized” Europe, faced with a fact, will take a different stance and hypocrisy. it will come to the fore, while propaganda will speak in another language, that “we Europeans have always been in defense of the innocent, in defense of the freedom and independence of the peoples.”

It is impossible to subjugate and oppress the oldest people in the Balkans, such as the Albanian people!

With their indifferent attitude, they encouraged the ruling Serbo-Macedonian circles to continue the savage military-police violence, suppressing every dream of the Albanians for the legitimate national right to education in their mother tongue.
The Serbian, Macedonian, Montenegrin and Greek governments are trying by all means to stop the Albanians from organizing and getting an education, because they do not want them to be equal to them.

The bloodshed, the savage terror exercised against Albanian students, of knowledge and culture, reminds us inadvertently of the medieval time when scientists were burned alive, because their science opened the eyes of uneducated people, reminding us of Giordano Bruno who was burned alive in the square of Rome for the sake of his great scientific discoveries about the planet Earth.

Just as the policy of those in power adhered to the messages and lessons that lead us to peace and nations to make cultural competitions and not competitions of violence and intrigue, as if the authorities returned to a real and friendly policy towards the Albanian people and democratically they agreed to recognize the social, political, national, civic and state equality of Albanian citizens in their lands, this would be the policy that would bring these Balkan countries out of the endless basin. This would serve as an important factor for the existence of Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece. With full equality in every field, without violence and discrimination between all coexisting nationalities. Albanians living in their own lands do not ask for anything more, they want to be treated equally.

If this discriminatory policy continues in the future, then Albanians will seek to end this abnormal situation and seek separation. Without any hesitation or discussion, this would lead to the dissolution and disappearance from the European map of the invaders of the Albanian lands of Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece.

It would be good for the government to draw positive conclusions from the realistic position of the Albanian government which was the only neighboring state and nation of Montenegrins, Serbs, Macedonians and Greeks who recognized the existence of the nation and the state. The formula for the internal stability of the Balkans lies in complete equality between peoples.

If this is not really understood, then the consequences will be greater with catastrophic proportions.

A nation, a state is a motto that is heard everywhere among Albanians, from all ethnic lands.

As such, it has as its basic philosophy the unification of Albanians everywhere where they are without insulting anyone and even more so without threatening anyone, but applying in itself a European mentality as is first of all the integration among themselves and later with other populations in region.

In this anniversary of independence, in fact, everywhere in the Albanian lands is being discussed a lot about national unity, important historical figures who have contributed to realize the dream of Albanians in the region to better integrate among themselves.

It is time for Albanians to understand their friends and enemies, sincerity and hypocrisy, words from deeds.

As a result, although fragmented, Albania did not lose in the sea of ​​hordes of neighboring countries but became a separate state creating the premises to serve as a holy place for all Albanians in the region.

The right to live in freedom is guaranteed to every people everywhere in the world, it is an inalienable right, written not only in international documents, but also in the Constitutions of democratic countries.

Lekë place, 21.11.2020